Cirque Side of the Moon

2014 Tour Dates TBA

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You're about to embark on a wondrous and breathtaking journey to the "Cirque Side of the Moon"... a live musical performance filled with innovative feats of skill and danger. A show that deals with the "prism" of emotions as depicted in the music of Pink Floyd. It's a story of love, greed, insanity, death, and finally, rebirth.

For the first time, you'll experience a full audio-visual, emotional, and sensory experience... a live concert of Pink Floyd music, with messages delivered from the "Cirque Side of the Moon". You'll follow the trials and tribulations of The Lunatic - a character culled from the classic "Dark Side of the Moon".

Then, the awakening, as The Lunatic learns to express his individuality and freedom. It's a transformation from darkness to light.

The antics of the characters and musicians invite the audience to come together in a celebration of life. And because the music is timeless and the performance is world-class, this live extravaganza appeals to audiences both young and old. Much like Pink Floyd, the show takes risks, pushes limits, and dazzles the imagination.

Cirque Side of the Moon... the ultimate expression of music and theater.

More Info (pdf)

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